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Dog Cat Massage Brush

Dog Cat Massage Brush

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  • Manual Operation: The shampoo brush is manually operated, easy to hold and waterproof, with dense and compact teeth for easy use and cleaning.

  • Better Experience: Washing your hair with a shampoo brush can be used with a scalp cleanser and a better shampooing experience than ever before.

  • Massage the Scalp: This hairbrush is great for hair care and treatment. Doing more head massage can promote blood circulation, relieve itching, help exfoliate and remove dandruff.

  • Sturdy and Comfortable Design: The shampoo has a thicker shell and is more sturdy and durable. Soft silicone bristles and the right length and firmness provide you with a comfortable scrubbing or massaging feeling.

  • Suitable for Different Hairstyles: Suitable for all types of hair, curly or straight, thick or thin, short or long, wet or dry, even pet grooming, it takes good care of the hair and scalp.

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