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Efficient Fat Burning Fitness Bar

Efficient Fat Burning Fitness Bar

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* One of the best yoga exercises you should have is the exercise Vibration Bar, making exercise exercises easier than ever thanks to Vibration throughout the body. Whether lying, sitting, or standing can exercise to relieve back pain, arm muscles, deep abdominal muscles and thigh muscles

* The flexible, elastic feature is the advantage of the vibration bar - This principle is made up of TPR plastic and light but very durable fiberglass.

* Design 1 touch point to handle in the middle and 2 plastic lining ends to help maximize protection for vibration bar, limit impact damage

* The main advantage is that the vibrating bar is that you can practice in any position: Lie down, sit, stand, combine kneel movements in yoga,.. can be used with Vibration force of the product

* Good for muscles, arms, wrists; Reduce waist circumference; Regular use reduces back pain completely...

* Super light, suitable for both the elderly, people in gentle physical therapy. The level of exercise is light, fast and slow, very flexible


- Stand upright, 2 legs wide by shoulder, bring 2 hands forward to hold the main point between the vibration bar, shake hands to create continuous vibration. Note to relax the body - Perform kneeling in yoga, 1 handle vibrating bar facing out front, shaking, 1 rear leg lift high, stretching straight - You can practice flexible exercises when standing with vibrating bars: Left leg step up front, slightly diagonal legs. 2 handles take 1 end of the bar, the other end against the ground. Perform the rotation of the bar bending

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