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Self-Cleaning Hair Brush

Self-Cleaning Hair Brush

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No more tangles, just pure convenience and cleanliness 🥰
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Quick and Hassle-free cleanup 🧹

Revolutionize your cleaning routine with our self-cleaning brush –effortless, hygienic, and time-savinginnovation at its best! 🌟

Get a Self-Cleaning Hair Brush at home! 🙌

Self-Cleaning Hair Brush: effortless maintenance, no more tangled bristles.

Traditional brush: time-consuming, messy upkeep

  • Step 1 - Brush Hair:

    Begin brushing at the tips, working upwards to avoid tangles and reduce hair breakage.

  • Step 2 - Push the rear button, then slide hair off the brush effortlessly:

    Hold the brush firmly, activate release, and effortlessly remove hair buildup. Enjoy hassle-free maintenance!


How does the self-cleaning feature work?

The self-cleaning hairbrush features a button that activates bristle retraction, releasing trapped hair for easy removal.

Can the brush be used on wet hair?

Yes, our brush is designed for both wet and dry hair, ensuring gentle detangling without causing damage. We also recommend using a leave-in-conditioner for optimal performance.

How often do I need to clean the brush manually?

With the self-cleaning function, manual cleaning is reduced significantly. However, we recommend a thorough cleaning every few weeks for optimal performance.